Hi, this is Si. This is a place to host some random useless information.

I do have a blog, and a personal website, in obvious places, but to avoid search engines and their various web crawlers and spiders saving and archiving every single bit of embarrassing information about the part of my personal life I put online under spouts of poor judgment, you won't find them here.

A bit about me:

My theoretical interests: I'm interested in a range of topics including technology, software, economics, politics and political theory, Chinese history, and philosophy (particularly traditional Chinese thought). I am also dabbling in various schools and practices generally labeled "occult".

For actual interests, I enjoy slacking.

For actual skills and knowledge that I can show a proven track record, I am a capable software engineer, system administrator (managing servers etc), and I know a bit about HK and UK law - probably in that order.

In case anyone wants to find me for whatever crazy reasons, any email sent to any * at element14.org address should reach me eventually.